Our new online shop!

George Street Community Bookshop has traditionally been a physical shop, providing services to Glossop and the people who visit the town. But times move on and in setting up the shop, our research with other 

community co-operative bookshops indicated that online sales were vital in keeping the business sustainable. 

Then lockdown came! And with the help of the Community Share Booster programme we worked with local volunteer Luke to establish our online sales platform.

You can now browse our online catalogue, searching by author, title, genre, price and even book type. 

At the time of writing we have just under 5,000 books in the catalogue but we have many tens of thousands in the shop still to catalogue (a process delayed by further lockdown) so keep checking back to see new authors and genres being added. 

Get in touch if you'd like to help with cataloguing. And you can search the online books here: https://www.georgestreetcommunitybookshop.co.uk/pages/search-results-page