New volunteer roles: Volunteer Coordinator and Marketing Co-ordinator

As the bookshop grows we need to recruit a couple of volunteer roles to help manage the organisation. Details of the roles are set out below and you're welcome to express an interest at any time but the deadline for responses is 15th September 2021. 

Volunteer Coordinator is needed to help recruit and manage volunteers employed by the bookshop, to run the shop and carry out other activities. 

We offer opportunities for volunteers to help in all aspects of running the bookshop, from running the shop to marketing and cataloguing books. Over time we plan to expand the opportunities for volunteers to get involved.

We need a volunteer coordinator to facilitate the involvement of these volunteers - everything from recruiting, coordinating, managing and training. The role of Volunteer Coordinator helps the organisation tick!

Read about the Volunteer Co-ordinator role here. 

A Marketing Coordinator is needed help the shop meet sales targets and become financially sustainable through marketing and promotion.

Marketing and promotion is a key activity for a community business like the bookshop. People need to be aware of the shop and what makes it unique and different as a community-owned social business - both customers and members. This role needs close liaison with Steve as shopkeeper to ensure marketing activity aligns with activity within the shop. It may also be necessary to promote one off or regular events. 

Read about the Marketing Co-ordinator role here.

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